Tuesday 8/12/2015 and Belief Part 4

Belief Part 4 - -  Experiences--->Beliefs--->Thoughts--->Emotions--->Actions

Every second of every day you are going through experiences.  And every second of everyday you are interpreting those experiences.  The lens in which you interpret experiences are your beliefs.  Your beliefs were set in place  by many things but a one very important reason being thoughts in which  the strongest emotions were attached to them.

Here is a light example... A overly ambitious visitor does Fran for the first time and, against the advice from his trainers, goes so hard he has a visit from pukie---> he thinks "CrossFit is too hard" --->he feels embarrassed--->he says "CrossFit is only for really fit people."  

Here is a heavy example....A young daughter gets told by her Father that she is dirty ---> she thinks "maybe I am dirty"---> she feels very ashamed--->she cries.  The strength of the emotion here has the ability to form the belief "i am dirty."  A belief like this can govern a persons actions and ruin a persons life.  

So here is the problem...Let's say you go to the white board and see 5k run.  You immediately think "running is hard" you feel nautious, and start to sweat,  You can't just change that outcome. You can't look at the board, see 5k, and then all of a sudden change your thought and think "Oh yay, a chance to improve my running."  You can't just change your emotion of fear because you decided to.  Those thoughts and emotions and actions happen so fast they feel involuntary.  SO WHAT DO YOU DO???????