Friday 4/12/2015 and Belief Part 2

Believe Part 2 - Experiences--->Beliefs--->Thoughts--->Emotions--->Actions

Your body's response to stress is a good mechanism that helps you deal with intense environments and circumstances.  Upon stress, your body releases hormones and fat to give your brain and muscles energy to perform quickly and efficiently.  

Mental stress is different.  It doesn't require physical output to handle it.  Yes some of the adrenaline and fatty acids are used by your brain to help mental clarity and efficiency, but REPEATED stress of the mind just keeps on releasing fat in your body which is stored and not used.  What this means is you can THINK yourself fatter.  

So to return to the question yesterday..."Why does a statement like "I don't like how I look" cause fat accumulation.  This statement does this because usually you are saying MUCH more than you think and therefore producing a dramatic effect in the body.  

Negative comments about yourself are very often a sneaky form of self hatred.  "Whoa easy there...c'mon ...I don't like the mirror but self hatred, thats a little strong?"  Well, call it what you want, low self esteem, low self worth, confidence issues, but consider this progression of thought.

  1. I don’t like how I look which often means 
  2. I can’t change which often means
  3. I am hopeless which often means
  4. I am not valuable which often means
  5. I am not lovable

I know I know many of you won’t believe me and there is no way to prove what someone is saying inside their head.  But let's say for a minute that this is a common pattern…what does your body do in response?

If your self talk leads you to a place of saying I am not valuable or lovable your body sounds the alarm as this is MUCH worse than being chased by a monkey.  There is NO greater longing in the human heart than to know your loved and there is no greater pain than not feeling lovable.  Because these are the strongest feelings and emotions a person has, the body's response is also the most severe.  What you say to yourself matters.  Your body will manifest on the outside the thoughts you have on the inside.

So whats the key?  The key is to take your thoughts captive.  Be aware of what you think and take control.  Stay tuned Monday for the 5 most powerful things you can tell yourself.  



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