Monday 19/12/2015

It only takes 5 minutes to establish powerful beliefs that will change your life.  So what if you think its weird...what do you have to lose?
Daily Declaration - write it down and say it aloud 10 times
***Courage triumphs over fear.  Courage is always an available option.
Daily Affirmation - write it down and say it aloud 10 times
***I am courageous, I choose courage.
Daily Visualization - spend 2 minutes connecting your senses and emotions to your desires
***Think of something you are afraid of.  See yourself doing that thing, overcoming that thing conquering that thing and enjoying it.  Be courageous.
Daily Mediation - Spend 2 minutes relaxing, focusing on your breathing.  In this time your declarations and affirmations and visualizations will become established in your heart and mind.