Beast of the South East

Beast of the South East is a competitive fitness event held in Brunei, three years running. Founded in 2012, it served as the opening ceremony for one of the 673 facilities, Reebok CrossFit 673. In 2015, the competition was officially sanctioned by the Asia Championships. Beast of the South East featured three divisions: RX, Scaled and Team (2 men and 2 women).

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Beast of South East is back for its 4th year as individuals and team categories are open for sign ups! Head over to to register as a competitor or to volunteer! Our last registration would be on 15th January 2018.  Registration price vary as the competition gets closer. Do register as early as possible to take advantage of our early bird prices which ends at the end of November 2017, standard price  are on the month of December 2017 and  late register will be on January 2018.  

Hall of Winners


Women scaled

  1. Amelia Koh, Hybrid Movement (Brunei)
  2. Rubporn (Padd) Klaichoeuvong, CrossFit Arena Bangkok (Thailand) 
  3. Katie McGrain, CrossFit Tay Ho (Vietnam)

Men Scaled

MEN SCALED 2018.jpg
  1. Julien Prieur, CrossFit Lah (Malaysia) 
  2. Derrick Chong, NVP Fitness (Brunei) 
  3. Abhar Ahmad, Hybrid Movement (Brunei)

Women RX

WOMEN RX 2018.jpg
  1. Joy Somers, Tiger Muay Thai (Thailand) 
  2. Nathalie Bruynooghe, Unit 27-CrossFit Phuket (Thailand) 
  3. Bronwyn Clacher, District 13 Gym (Malaysia)

Men RX

MEN RX 2018.jpg
  1. Matt Cass, Crossfit Arena Bangkok (Thailand) 
  2. Luc Devaux, Reebok CrossFit 673 (Brunei)
  3. Daryl Chai, Hybrid Movement (Brunei)


TEAM 2018.jpg
  1. Bengkel Unicorns (Bengkel SCBD, Indonesia) - Joe Halim, Aaron Thomson, Alexia
  2. 2 Uncles & Barely a teen (x45fitness, Malaysia, & Hybrid Movement, Brunei) - Darren Chai, Howard Lee, Ann Manson 
  3. BVSHAP (Box Vigilante & SHAP, Malaysia) - Callixtus Daunis, Jonathan Ethan, Shamala Jeanne


Men's RX

  1. Darren Chai, Hybrid Movement (BN) 
  2. Dan King Turner, S2S CrossFit Bali (ID)
  3. Howard Lee, CrossFit Kinabalu (MY)

Men's Scaled

  1.  Jonathan Ronald, PX5
  2. Romainoor Gadong, CF Extremis 
  3. Abdullah Mujahid Abdullah


  1. Jesselton CrossFit 
  2. PX5
  3. Barracudas, CrossFit 673 Jerudon

Women's RX

  1. Amy Reyes, CrossFit Gof Metgot (Guam)
  2. Alyssa Calabrese, CrossFit 399 (MY)
  3. Pippa Morris, Reebok CrossFit 673 (BN)

Women's Scaled 

  1. Nina Juna, CrossFit Extremis
  2. Bibi Rusli, CrossFIt 673 Jerudong
  3. Carmen Ng, CrossFit Malaysia


Men's RX 

  1. Ant Haynes, Coastal Fitness Performance Training (Hong Kong)
  2. Job Wi, CrossFit MNL South (Philippines) 
  3. John Britton, Crossfit Metalize (Dubai)

Men's Scaled

  1. Sam Gibb, Wearemobilus (Singapore) 
  2. Lawrance Lee, Reebok CrossFit 673 (Brunei)
  3. Romainor Hj Gadong, Podium Gym (Brunei)


  1. Swole Patrol, CrossFit Fire City (Singapore)
  2. Team Muppets, CrossFit Fire City (Singapore) 
  3. CF MNL Makati (Philippines)

Women's RX

  1. Natasha Mendoza, CrossFit MNL South (Philippines)
  2. Pippa Morris, Reebok CrossFit 673 (Brunei)
  3. Tamsin Humes, Reebok CrossFit 673 (Brunei)

Women's Scaled

  1. Florence Robert, Coastal Fitness Performance Training (Hong Kong)
  2. Sarah Hansman, Reebok CrossFit 673 (Brunei) 
  3. Alizah Hidup, Podium Gym (Brunei)