Within the blue walls of Reebok CrossFit 673, hard grunts are accompanied by a symphony of children laughing in the background. Amidst the chaos of cascading barbells and makeshift foam mat forts, Michael Mogard's presence is unmistakable. 



Despite his quiet demeanor and calm composure, Mogard commands attention at ease with the gravity of his speech. He calls the class to the whiteboard, and the pandemonium comes to a halt; members receive their marching orders and begin setting up for the workout.

Standing tall at 5’9, Mogard was heavily involved in collegiate baseball and held a starting position for the University of Iowa as an outfielder. He was poised for a spot in professional baseball before knee and shoulder injuries derailed him from his aspirations, opening up opportunities for the then-26-year-old to venture into training personal clients. Armed with an extensive sporting background, the 2005 Strength and Conditioning All-American quickly put his knowledge to use in bettering the lives of others; not long after, he found CrossFit.

I caught some flack for not buying into the typical personal training system. I just really believed CrossFit was best for my clients and didn’t want to train them any other way.
— Mike Mogard, Silent But Deadly (

Opportunities brought the Mogards to Brunei in February 2012. Since then, they have quickly established a name for themselves as pioneers in the Brunei fitness scene with the opening of two gyms in the span of two years. Reebok CrossFit 673 opened in ___ 2012, and CrossFit 673 Jerudong followed soon after in _____ 2013.  The franchise has seen major success in building communities around fitness, evident from the electric atmosphere at competitions held annually, drawing competitors from near and far.

Games competitior

Competing is such a big part of my identity, and it was important to both myself and my community to make sure that element of competition stayed in the mix,
— Michael Mogard, "In the Face of Crisis" (
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The biggest testament to his programming is his performance on the competition floor. The past CrossFit Games finalist has repeatedly proven his mettle in Asia, holding his own despite constantly changing requirements and competitive landscapes. His best finish in the Regional was a 1st place finish in 2013, which earned him the right to represent Brunei and the Asia Region in Carson, California.

I’d love to be better at this sport when I’m 40 than when I am 30, so we’ll see if I can defy the odds of age. Most importantly, I will see how many people I can bring along with me to do the same. It’s more fun to do it together.”

No stranger to injuries, the 31-year-old competitor is acutely aware that he has to overcome old baseball and wrestling injuries that had dogged him from years before. He is frequently spotted with dumbbells or resistance bands in hand, wasting no time to get some pre-habilitation work into his regime.

Through his dedication to the sport and his community, he's created a culture of persistence and resilience in both gyms where athletes thrive under friendly competition. Members are highly encouraged to compete in the Open, participate in local throwdowns and better themselves through competition.


For a 31 year old, Mike Mogard’s accolades are in abundance but if ask him about his proudest achievement , he’ll tell you about his family.

I wanted to be present with my family, and I was... Nothing is more important than that.

Little Mogards can be seen trotting around the gym and swinging on gymnastic rings on the daily. They are equally comfortable in front of a backlit blue screen, as they are hanging from a pull-up bar. The father of four draws his inspiration and strength from a deep well of faith.

“My goal is to live above that fear — God has conquered fear, and He has enabled me to do the same.”



Accolades :

  • CrossFit Games 2013 - Asia Regional Representative
  • CrossFit Games Asia Regionals - 2013 Champion
  • CrossFit Games Asia Regionals - 2014 2nd Runner Up
  • CrossFit Games Pacific Regionals - 2015 Qualifier
  • Asia Championships Founder and Director


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Course - Level 1 
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer