673 League

The 673 League is a collection of athletes competing against one another in the sport of fitness: CrossFit. Every two weeks we release a workout that athletes must complete and submit their scores. Results are then tabulated and posted on the leaderboard. At the end of the season the top teams will be invited to the League Finals to determine the 673 League 2017 Champions!


The schedule for the 2018 open season: 

Registration Deadline - August 31st,  2018

18.1 - Sept 3-16 - "Jump Shot"

18.2 -  Sept 17-30 - "Do You Even Lari?"

18.3 - Oct 1-14 - "Box Buffet"

18.4- Oct 15-28 - "So a Rower Walked into a Bar..."

18.5- Oct 29 - Nov 4 - "Berjalan Dengan Tangan"

League Finals - Nov 18th



Team Component

Each gym will appoint team captains who will pick teams from the list of available athletes. All athletes will complete the workouts individually and have their scores compiled together to form an overall team score.

After the completion of the 5 workouts, 8 teams will receive invitations to compete for the fittest team in 673 at the Team Finals. The 8 invitations will be awarded to the top two teams from each box and the two other highest ranked teams.

Where can I attempt the WOD?

At 673 affiliated gyms we attempt this WOD together in class at the beginning of the month. We then utilize the remainder of the month in focused preparation for our scored attempt at the end of the month. All workouts must be judged by another athlete. If you cannot be at class for the scored attempt you can either:

1. Complete the WOD another time at a 673 gym with a judge (before/after class, open gym, etc.)

2. Complete the WOD in another location and submit a video of your workout (upload to YouTube and email link to ryan.c.bottoms@gmail.com)


How does scaling work? 

The 673 League is designed so athletes of all levels can compete. Every workout we provide several scaling options accessible to all levels of athletes. You may choose to scale any workout, however the scale comes with a scoring penalty. The scoring follows these three rules:

  • If two athletes complete the WOD at the same scale the lower time/higher reps receives a better score.
  • Anyone who completes the WOD at a more difficult scale than another athlete receives a better score, regardless of time.
  • Anyone who does not complete the WOD within the time cap scores lower than an athlete who did complete the WOD, regardless of scale.

For a practical application of these rules see the example below:

Example WOD: ”Grace”- 30 reps clean and jerk at 135lbs (10 min time cap)

1st: Athlete A- 5:45 Rx
2nd: Athlete B- 6:15 Rx
3rd: Athlete B- 4:30 @ 95lbs
4th: Athlete C- 7:10 @ 95lbs
5th: Athlete D- 6:45 @ 75lbs
6th: Athlete E- DNF (at any scale)
7th Athlete F- DNA

If you choose to complete a workout at any level other than Rx you can designate the scale at which you completed the WOD when submitting scores.

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