Welcome to the 673 League.  The 673 League is open to any level of athlete and our innovative scoring system allows infinite scaling options as beginner and elite compete alongside each other to and crown the fittest individuals and team in the 673 community. Free of charge for all 673 members, this years league will start September 4th.  

The League consists of 5 workouts, with a 2 week window to complete each workout.  The workout will be programmed in class on the first Monday and last Friday of that two week period.  Scores must be submitted by Sunday at 5pm.  At the end of the 5 workouts, the top 8 teams will qualify for the league final where they will battle it out in a 1 day, 673 League Championship Throwdown.  

*If you choose "Team" then you agree to do your best to complete all workouts and give your team the best shot at qualifying (you have 2 weeks and have an option to video your workout if you are away).  Sign ups will close Friday September 1st at 11:59 pm!  Don't wait, sign up now!

** Team athletes will automatically be included in the individual portion of the 673 League.  

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